Minggu, 30 Juli 2017

Hypoallergenic Cats - How to Find A Cat That Does Not Bother Your Allergies So Much

Many people have been asking about the existence of hypoallergenic cats. The truth is that there is no such thing as true hypoallergenic cats. Despite this fact, there are some that tend to be less difficult on the allergies than most others. While there is no such thing as true hypoallergenic cats, a company is claiming that they have genetically produced the first true hypoallergenic kitty. Reviews from several people are reporting that this is the case, but it will be years before most people can afford one of these.

Here are a few tips to finding cats that will not bother your allergies as much as most.

1. Get A Siberian Cat. Many experts will tell you that these cats are naturally hypoallergenic. They are great lovable cats that are prominently found in Russia, but you can get them in the United States too.

2. Bathe Your Cat Regularly. Cats hate water. They absolutely despise it. They will run around in the rain outside, but they do not want to be near any streams or lakes. Despite all of the stereotypes regarding cats and water, it is entirely possible to get one to stand in a bathtub for a bath. The cat will have much less dander and shed less if you can train them to appreciate a bath. After you have bathed your cat a few times, they will get used to this activity and will not fight you at bath time.

3. Get Any Short Haired Cat. Short haired ones tend to be closer to hypoallergenic cats than others. The hair that they shed will not show up in your carpet as much as other cats and you may find that the cat agrees with your sinuses.

4. Try to get used to the cat if you really want him. Our bodies react differently to allergies. Many people have reported that they do not have as many problems with allergies after they have been around the same cat for a few weeks. I know that this has been the case for me, as I got used to the cat that was bothering my allergies. Now he can sit on my lap every day, and I do not have any problems with him.

In the future, we will likely see more and more hypoallergenic cats as science improves. It remains to be seen if the cats genetically produced are truly hypoallergenic, but the early results appear to be promising. As these cats become a part of the cat population, it is expected that the cost of a true hypoallergenic animal will go down considerably.

If you really want a new four legged furry friend now, you should look into the options available to you today.

Minggu, 23 Juli 2017

Natural Flea Control for Cats - Easy Solutions and Surprising Facts

It's hard enough to figure out a good natural flea control method, but when you factor in special risks to cats, it really gets challenging. Let me make it easy for you! I've done a great deal of homework and experimentation so you don't have to.

Surprising facts about flea control and cats

Does your cat hate getting a chemical flea treatment? Do you worry about the safety of flea treatments? You are not alone.

    Even the EPA has started questioning the safety of chemical flea treatments.
    Even the product manufacturers will tell you not to use chemical flea treatments on animals who are ill or elderly, but so often our dear animals don't show they are ill until it's too late. The flea treatment could really cause serious damage if their immune system is compromised by something else.
    Only recently has it come to light that a couple of popular natural flea remedies are also toxic to cats in particular. I'm referring to garlic and to essential oils.

Why cats have special needs when it comes to flea control

It has only recently come to light that cats actually lack the ability to detoxify the compounds in essential oils (and undoubtedly many other less natural products).

It turns out cats are deficient in an enzyme called glucuronyl tranferases, which is essential to a detoxification process called glucuronidation. Glucuronidation is what most animals, including humans, use to safely process things like the terpenes in essential oils.

This means that components of essential oils can rapidly build up in cats bodies and become toxic to them. Essential oils appear to be toxic to cats through skin, internal use, and maybe even through breathing. You can imagine that other chemicals are likely to be even harder for them to detoxify.

Easy natural flea repellent solutions for cats

I stumbled on the B-vitamin method long ago and, to my surprise, it worked. Many years ago I was giving my cat a B-vitamin tablet made for pets and she didn't get fleas even though another cat in the house had them!

The product we were using at the time doesn't exist anymore, but I found a new one that I'm even more excited about because they get good reviews and have a money-back guarantee. It's called Flea Treats and you can order it online or get it at holistic pet food stores. Flea Treats are easy to use because most cats love the taste. Just give it to them with their food each day - especially during flea seasons -- and the repellent ability kicks in about 10 days later.

I can also recommend brewer's yeast as a nice B-vitamin repellent. (In case you are wondering, I do not sell Flea Treats!) Just be very careful not to give cats any brewer's yeast that includes extra iron or additives. That could be toxic. The only really "clean" brewer's yeast I've found for cats so far is Lewis Labs Brewer's Yeast. Mix 1 teaspoon in food per day, at least during flea seasons.

If you are in the middle of a flea outbreak right now!

If in the middle of a flea outbreak, do start the B-vitamin method, but it takes about 10 days to start repelling fleas so you're going to need something more.

Here's what to do:

1. Get that B-vitamin method going.

2. Put a flea trap in one or two infested places. (These are usually dark places.)

Flea traps are cheap and easy and they really do catch fleas. You can get a good one for less than $15 online or make your own by putting a soapy pan of water under a desk lamp on the floor at night.

3. Get a flea comb (inexpensive at pet stores or online) and comb your cat daily until you no longer see fleas or flea eggs on the comb. Each time you catch fleas or flea eggs in the comb, dip it in some warm natural soapy water and wipe the comb off thoroughly.

After about 10 days the B-vitamins will start making your cat unattractive to the fleas, and many fleas will be already be eliminated by the combing and trapping. Any straggling fleas, including any new hatchlings, will find their way out of the building because they need food.

Minggu, 16 Juli 2017

Cheap Cat Insurance - Get The Truth

Everyone's being wisely practical these days, to the point of taking each and every necessary expenditure and cross checking it against cheaper options. The same is true for insurance, for you, your family members, and your pets. You never know when unforeseen situations may occur, like an accident or a medical condition can develop in your beloved feline, right? Thus, cheap cat insurance is a must. After all, you can spend as much as 40% of all your veterinary bills on these sudden and unfortunate events. It would be very sound to insure your fur ball so you'll still be financially stable throughout the ordeal of veterinary treatment.

Luckily for you, you can do research about cheap cat insurance right in your own home through the World Wide Web. There is a variety of numerous cheap cat insurance sites or website advising and quoting cheap cat insurance that can help you with your hunt. These sites can help you in a lot of ways. They also offer some advice and tips for pets other than cats.

On the internet, there are virtual databases of pet insurance advice and basics. Here you can read about the whys and hows of pet insurance, and get online quotes and even comparisons of these quotes. You can even compare the top insurers of the country there. You can also read up on actual consumer opinions regarding insurers. People who visit the site are asked to share their own experiences with their insurers at their own discretion, and reviews are double checked for any promotional content that is biased towards any insurer. Here's where you get real advice from real people who've been there and experienced it themselves. Some sites also have supporting features like a facility for getting free quotes online as well as comparing the coverage and the rates of insurers. All in all, this is a great place to start hunting for the ideal pet insurance company where you can get cheap cat insurance.

Minggu, 09 Juli 2017

Cat Care - How to Treat a Flea Problem

Treating a flea problem on your cat or in your home is far more simple than you might have imagined and with a couple of tips and some sound advice I can help you get them gone very quickly and easily which can only be a good thing.

Believe it or not you are not the alone in searching for information on getting rid of animal fleas or treating a flea problem. These nasty little parasites are far more of a nuisance than anybody likes to think about but, let us be honest here who wants to broadcast the fact that they are having to deal with them?

So, tip one is very simple do not panic. I know it might all seem a bit overwhelming when you are in the middle of an infestation due to your lovely cat bringing them home and it can be pretty alarming when you look at the sheer numbers involved but once you start your mission on killing them in the right way you will soon be flea free.

When it comes to cat care and flea problems it is important to take a few factors into question prior to taking any action, after all you would not want to put your cats health at risk. For this reason I would not recommend using any of the highly publicised animal treatments such as chemical collars or drops.

The fact is that in some cases there have been some pretty nasty reactions and we are not trying to add to the cats or your problems here, but instead resolving your poor cat's uncomfortable situation while eradicating the problem from your home as well.

For this reason tip two involves using a flea trap to sort out your problem very quickly and efficiently and if you look at reviews it is easy to see why they are an extremely popular way and one of the top methods of dealing with fleas and eradicating them for good.

They may look like a very innocent piece of plastic but their innocence and simplicity hides the fact that they are very good at what they are designed for and that my friend is getting your flea problem gone.

How do they work? Put very simply, they mimic a fleas food source (in this case your cat) very effectively by emitting enough warmth and vibration (and sometimes light depending on the make and model you decide on) to fool your nasty little visitors into thinking that dinner is nearby.

The fleas are lured to the trap and fall either through a grid onto a sticky capture pad or directly onto the pad itself never to bother you again.

One of the biggest comments that you see come up time and again has to be the fact that because you can see the very visible results, from a psychological viewpoint it is really reassuring to know that you are dealing with them so quickly and are winning the war against them.

Also, and pretty importantly, they are environmentally friendly and pose no threat or danger to you, your family or any pets of your own that you may have either.

Tip three is to look online to give yourself the best chance in caring for your cat and getting rid of his or her fleas whilst cleansing the home of them too. You can take advantage of a good selection and choice of flea traps and other products to sort them out really quickly and all very economically too.

Minggu, 02 Juli 2017

Cat Stroller - Fun Outside With Your Kitty

A cat stroller comes in many styles and colors to pick from. You should make sure to pick the right stroller depending on the features you find important. Many pet owners look for a rugged front wheel suspension that can ensure a smooth ride for your pet.

The stroller should also be made of durable material and water proof. It is important to consider ventilation issues of the stroller to be sure that your pet will get the optimum air flow that it needs. Good ventilation will also prevent bugs from bothering your pet. Also look for pockets and storage areas in your stroller, as these are very handy for treats, bowls and other pet necessities during those long walks with your pet.

Cat lovers can easily take a walk with their pets using these strollers, since it is light weight and therefore easy to push without much effort. Some strollers have convenient entrance and exit access for their pets. Most are foldable for easy storage and some even have cup holders and lower storage bins for easy access and convenience for the pet owners possessions.

Having a stroller for your cat is fun and very functional to have, however, you must first get your pet acclimated to the new device. One way to do this is to place treats inside the stroller to lure in your cat and while it is eating the treats in the stroller, stroke her and give her assurance. Place your cat often in the stroller even if you are not going to use it so that she will get used to it and see it as a positive experience. Before you know it, you'll be walking around the park and enjoying the sun and breeze with your cat safely and happily along with you.

Some tips that you should not forget when using your new cat stroller is to always bring water for both you and your pet and do not feed your cat anything new from outside. Always have a name tag on your cat just in case she jumps out of the stroller unexpectedly and never leave your cat unattended. A cat stroller is a very convenient and fun to have, as it will give you more time with your cat outside your home and you can even easily bring your pet with you when you are traveling.