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Hypoallergenic Cats - How to Find A Cat That Does Not Bother Your Allergies So Much

Many people have been asking about the existence of hypoallergenic cats. The truth is that there is no such thing as true hypoallergenic cats. Despite this fact, there are some that tend to be less difficult on the allergies than most others. While there is no such thing as true hypoallergenic cats, a company is claiming that they have genetically produced the first true hypoallergenic kitty. Reviews from several people are reporting that this is the case, but it will be years before most people can afford one of these.

Here are a few tips to finding cats that will not bother your allergies as much as most.

1. Get A Siberian Cat. Many experts will tell you that these cats are naturally hypoallergenic. They are great lovable cats that are prominently found in Russia, but you can get them in the United States too.

2. Bathe Your Cat Regularly. Cats hate water. They absolutely despise it. They will run around in the rain outside, but they do not want to be near any streams or lakes. Despite all of the stereotypes regarding cats and water, it is entirely possible to get one to stand in a bathtub for a bath. The cat will have much less dander and shed less if you can train them to appreciate a bath. After you have bathed your cat a few times, they will get used to this activity and will not fight you at bath time.

3. Get Any Short Haired Cat. Short haired ones tend to be closer to hypoallergenic cats than others. The hair that they shed will not show up in your carpet as much as other cats and you may find that the cat agrees with your sinuses.

4. Try to get used to the cat if you really want him. Our bodies react differently to allergies. Many people have reported that they do not have as many problems with allergies after they have been around the same cat for a few weeks. I know that this has been the case for me, as I got used to the cat that was bothering my allergies. Now he can sit on my lap every day, and I do not have any problems with him.

In the future, we will likely see more and more hypoallergenic cats as science improves. It remains to be seen if the cats genetically produced are truly hypoallergenic, but the early results appear to be promising. As these cats become a part of the cat population, it is expected that the cost of a true hypoallergenic animal will go down considerably.

If you really want a new four legged furry friend now, you should look into the options available to you today.

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